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Teresa Robertson, LMT, Craniosacral Therapist,  CCST, CIIM

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CranioSacral Therapy for Toddlers

                        CranioSacral Therapy for
                       Sensory Processing Disorder                  

                                                                   CranioSacral Therapy for Ages 3 - 9

It is a pleasure helping toddlers work through any trouble meeting their milestones of crawling, walking, talking. Or if they are having a especially tough time in daycare or with their playmates. 

Other areas of concern with toddlers are:

Tumbles/ Falls
   - Not sleeping well
  -  Not eliminating well
  -  Night Terrors
  -  Anxious
  - Improper walking patterns  (knock-kneed, one foot turned out while the other is           turned in, etc)
  - Stress that accompanies major changes in environment and family

You may have a toddler that hasn't quite caught up with the rest of his age group.
Maybe at 1.5 years old, they are not walking yet.
Or at a year old are not crawling yet.

I have worked with many kids like this and the CranioSacral Therapy can be a big assistance to get them going.

Toddler CST Testimonials

“T” had a head injury at age 4, his moods, temper and ability to listen and follow through all changed after that.  By age 7 he was being asked to leave school at least once a week due to “acting out”. After his first session with Teresa we made it through a whole week without one call from the school!  We have seen her several times over the past months and things just keep getting better.

Kim and Bret. from Portland

My little girl is 3 and just couldn’t make it through the night staying in her own bed.  She wasn’t fitting in with the other kids at daycare, and she would have these horrible melt-downs. After seeing Teresa she is much more calm, plays better, and stays in her bed (most of the time).  S.P. in Vancouver

Pediatric CranioSacral for ages 3 - 9

This can be a time a great change for children. They may be experiencing growth spurts in physical, mental and emotional areas. Sometimes they need a little help moving through them.
Or there may be a specific area of concern such as:

Sleep Ppoblems
Social shyness or awkwardness
Physical clumsiness

Kids love the support they receive with this treatment, I really enjoy interacting with them. 
I have many past clients call and say their child,”wants to come in and get worked on”.


My 7 year old was very aggressive with other children, I had a hard time getting him help. I saw a great change in him after one session with Teresa, we continued on with her for a few more and he is completely different. He can express what he needs instead of just getting angry.
Beth from Portland

My son was 7 when I brought him to Teresa. I was a my wits end, his pre-school days were horrible, he was kept back a year in school. I wasn't sure what to do. After his first session with her, he made it through a whole week of me not being called into the school. She has truly made a huge difference in our lives.       Collette

At 4 years old my daughter was unable to go potty on a regular basis, usually about every 6 - 7  days. I wanted to get her some relief and seeing Teresa has made a huge difference. She is what I would call "regular" now!   Sue C.



Sensory Processing Disorder

Many children are put into the ADD/ADHD spectrum diagnosis and parents are left sifting through the many avenues of medical treatments available. The one thing physiologically they have in common is Sensory Processing Disorder. The ability to receive, process and then act on information and nerve impulses. I have seen great improvements in these children with the addition of CranioSacral Therapy to their treatment protocol. I enjoy working along with their current regiment of treatment and often see this lead to a decrease in prescription dosage and improvement in their behavior.

Many children have social fears as well, they may find it hard to start a new school year, or make new friends. CrainoSacral Therapy is a wonderful way to help them move through this and for them to become aware of their bodies.  

 * Autism Spectrum, ADHD/ADD
 * Behavioral Concerns

 * Fears 
 * Learning difficulties 
Sensory Processing issues 
Speech delay 


                     A Healing Approach- Pain Relief & Relaxation Therapy
                     Teresa Robertson, LMT, Craniosacral Therapist, CCST, CIIM

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