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Breastfeeding Support
If you are experiencing any of the following issues with nursing your baby, CranioSacral Therapy can be extremely beneficial.

- Fussing at the breast
- Bobbing on and off the breast
- Baby arches a lot during nursing
- Baby has a poor latch, makes a clicking sound and/or milk leaks out sides of babies mouth
- Prolonged feeding times
- Painful, cracked, bleeding nipples
- Baby chomps during feeding
- Baby only wants to nurse on one side

Physical reasons why you and your baby may be experiencing any of these are:

Tongue-tie (Ankyloglossia) and Upper Lip-tie
Tight jaw, neck and/or shoulders
Cranial Bones are stuck or have over-rides
Babies Suck/Swallow/Breathe coordination isn't smooth
Tightness in the muscles of the mouth and under the tongue

Infant CranioSacral Therapy will release tension in the muscles, joints and fascia to help create a more efficient and relaxed latch.  You and your baby will have a better nursing experience.

Post tongue-tie and lip-tie revision treatment

I work with several doctors in the Portland area that specialize in tongue-tie and upper lip-tie release roceedures. They recommend Infant CranioSacral Therapy as part of the follow-up protocol for healing therapy. CST will assist in your baby's transition into fully using his/her tongue properly as they gain new control and use of the tongue and mouth muscles.


Teresa, thank you so very much for your help.  I didn't have to pump all day - we are breastfeeding!  What a miracle worker you are.  I will be forever grateful to you!
Marci...Portland, OR

It was extremely painful to breastfeed my baby. Teresa released a lot of tension in her neck, shoulders and jaw which allowed her to latch on perfectly!  I have a new and happier breastfeeding experience with my baby now.  Thank you Teresa!
K.K. Portland, OR

My baby had a "rough ride" being born. Long labor, she got stuck for awhile and when she came out she looked a little beat up.  She had a hard time opening wide enough for a good latch. She would fuss a lot during feedings and just seemed unhappy eating.  Teresa found tension in her head bones and neck that were making it hard for her to feed.  She is doing so much better now...we are blessed.  L.M    Newburg, ORegon

Our Payton just didn't like breastfeeding, he was cranky and would actually get upset when I tried to put him on.  Teresa said his nervous system needed some help and also released some jaw tightness. She gave me exercised to do before feeding that got him to be able to latch on.  Things are going great now.   so thankful    R. T.  Beaverton, OR

My little Eleanor was having lots of trouble eating, she seemed to choke on the milk, make lots of noise while sucking and get tired half way through. Feedings took a very long time!  Teresa evaluated her, did some CST to help her coordinate her sucking and swallowing. She also referred us to a doctor for tongue-tie evaluation.  Pam S.  Hillsboro, Oregon

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